• Google Cloud Summit

Besuchen Sie den Google Cloud Summit am 6. Dezember 2017 in München und erleben Sie live spannende Vorträge mit unseren e-shelter innovation lab Partnern:

  • 10.30 Uhr – 10.45 Uhr: Loodse
    Vortrag von Herrn Guus van Weelden (Developer):
    Let your Kubernetes cluster auto-manage its nodes

    Kube-node is a community project to enable generic node management for Kubernetes via a minimalistic API. In this demo, we introduce the concept of NodeClass and NodeSet and present our  reference implementation that integrates NodeSet with GKE NodePool.

  • 12.20 Uhr – 12.35 Uhr: Rausch NT/Acronis
    Vortrag von Herrn Sebastian Templin (Technical Account Manager – Rausch Netzwerktechnik) und Herrn Markus Bauer (Partner Technology Evangelist - Acronis):
    Universal software-defined storage for your modern datacenter

    The responsibilities of system administrators are changing. 80% of resources are spend in administration of storage systems. 50% of investments are spend for upgrades and growth. Acronis is solving this issues by delivery with a easy to deploy and manage solution, which is growing with your demands. Acronis Storage is the solid base unique Software Defined Solution for your modern datacenter. Always be prepared for your future needs, like file integrity with Acronis Notary and Blockchain technology.

  • 12.45 Uhr – 13.00 Uhr: Endocode
    Vortrag von Herrn Dr. Thomas Fricke (CTO, Cloud Architect):
    Kubernetes: what everybody needs to know

    Kubernetes is the Google solution to consolidate the cloud. Being Open Source it is Google Infrastructure For Everybody Else (GIFEE) and it has taken the platform as a service (PaaS) clouds by storm. It runs everywhere, from your own hardware (on premises) until the Google Cloud Engine. Every major cloud offers Kubernetes now and you can find it in any combination of public and private clouds. Even the competitors follow and are contributing to the ecosystem, and you can choose from 3000+ offers on Github. The use-cases for Kubernetes are driven by the increasingly agile demands of development and operations. What do I have to pay attention to when changing over to containers and Kubernetes? What know-how can I use and what do I have to build up? What do I have to plan, how can I start directly? Is there a security concept, what are the major players in the game? Many questions can only be touched in 15 minutes. An overview of developments in and around Kubernetes shall be sketched.

  • 14.50 Uhr – 15.15 Uhr: Cisco
    Vortrag von Herrn Stephan Fleck (Technical Solutions Architect) und Herrn Sascha Schnorbach (Systems Engineer):
    Bringing enterprises to the cloud with a secure, intelligent platform for digital business

    Moving to the cloud should provide simplicity, speed, and scale. And, it's complicated… without the right technology in place. The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Management Platform in the e-shelter innovation lab enables a heterogeneous environment across on-premise data centers, private and public clouds like GCP, optimizing the service or application, no matter where the code and data resides. „Breakthrough hybrid cloud innovation that enables applications to seamlessly span premises and cloud-based environments so you can have cloud speed where you need it.“ Cisco Cloud Center has the ability to deploy the application infrastructure and to orchestrate applications across a private and public clouds, providing a common consumption layer. Model once. Deploy and manage anywhere!