• Augmented Reality on the e-shelter Frankfurt 1 Campus

    • LEGO e-shelter Data Center model
Christopher Stumm
Augmented Reality on the e-shelter Frankfurt 1 Campus

e-shelter recently commissioned a LEGO model of its Frankfurt 1 data center campus. The entire structure is 3x2 meters and is represented at a 1:100 scale of the original campus. Visually impressive, the LEGO model is presented in the main reception area of Frankfurt 1 but has also made journeys to event conferences as well as the Amsterdam 1 Data Center grand opening in April. The LEGO model took over 6 weeks to build after designs were submitted and was constructed by a LEGO certified professional (there are only 15 of them worldwide). No detail was spared in its construction with even parking spots and local streets included.

A view of Frankfurt 1 campus’ data center facilities in LEGO form.

The LEGO model campus provides many uses to the staff here at e-shelter. For visitors to the actual Frankfurt 1 data center, the model is a way to demonstrate and describe the capabilities of the data center – from physical infrastructure to technical infrastructure and services. Indeed, the LEGO model is a powerful educational tool used by various e-shelter departments to deliver an overview of FRA 1 to a wide range of visitors from well-informed data center experts, prospective customers, and Event Center attendees wishing to learn more about data centers and how they work.

The inside of the Innovation Lab renders on a tablet when hovering over the LEGO model.

But we took the LEGO model one step further. We incorporated Augmented Reality (AR) into several of the buildings to deliver an interactive experience to users. Using a tablet, visitors can scan over buildings and discover the internal workings of certain services and solutions such as e-shelter’s connectivity solutions, power generators, and Innovation Lab. The added feature of AR delights our visitors and helps facilitate the understanding of complex services and configurations and how they work together.

Augmented Reality of the Innovation Lab as shown from tablet view.

The LEGO model has helped clarify to many people that data center operators are no longer real estate companies, but rather, technology organizations that understand every touch point of the data center value chain to keep customer businesses running continuously and to reach their end-users. What is unique about e-shelter is that in addition to space, power, and cooling provisioning, we also understand business efficiencies and optimization and how to deliver value to customers. We not only understand today’s new technology, but also, we leverage it ourselves as the Augmented Reality LEGO model is a clear example. We also possess a robust partner ecosystem and Innovation Lab where customers and prospects can experiment with these new technologies and implement use-cases that help them to remain competitive. Just as we have done with the LEGO model and AR, we have taken simple building blocks and taken them to the next level. We have the capability and skill-set to take your business to the next level as well.


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