• Career opportunities within the data center industry

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Career opportunities within the data center industry

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA continues to expand in Europe. Our latest development within Germany is the expansion of the Munich 2 campus. New construction of Building B will involve a shell and core build plus a Phase 1 fit-out. Phase 1 will consist of three e-suites on the first floor, with a total of 1,375m2 of IT space with 2MW of IT capacity. The total specifications of Building B are likely to reach 3,582m2 of IT space with approximately 5.4MW of total IT capacity.

While the demand for data center services and solutions continue to rise for both us and the industry as a whole, we recognize that there needs to be more qualified, skilled Data Center Technicians. As the industry continues to expand and evolve, it means open positions with more specialized requirements are also increasing, but it is often a challenge to find enough qualified professionals to meet these demands. In the Uptime Institute’s 2018 annual global survey of data center operators, over half of the respondents stated that they were struggling to find suitable candidates to fill open positions, or that they were having difficulty retaining staff. The issues stem from the fact that most qualified Data Center Technicians, who play an imperative part in ensuring that technical building equipment is monitored, maintained, and continuously operating, are starting to approach retirement age, and that younger adults are not embracing data center operations as a career choice. This scenario is likely due to the availability of more attractive, digital-centric career opportunities, but also, there is a lack of information and promotion of data center jobs in the channels where young people are considering a career path. As a result, young people are overlooking opportunities in the data center industry and are not pursuing the technical education or specialized training to secure a rewarding job in a strong industry.

We wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on the opportunities available in the data center industry and point the spotlight on a young 27-year-old man, Darius N., who recently joined us as a Data Center Technician at our Munich campus. Darius originally studied to become an electrician and spent 3 ½ years as an apprentice, before advancing and gaining 1 ½ years work experience independently as an electrician. But due to the encouragement of a former teacher from the local Technikerschule, Darius returned to study renewable environmental technology. After completing the program, a recruiting firm contacted Darius about the opportunity at e-shelter in Munich, a position that he ultimately accepted. 

Darius has been at e-shelter for one month and is undergoing specific training as he becomes a fully-certified technician. All indications so far point to Darius being highly qualified for the important functions at a data center. At the Munich site, Darius works with five other Data Center Technicians, who are older than him and have a wealth of information and experience that they can share. He also has a mentor who helps and guides him through the role to ensure he is making progress. Darius’ current job responsibilities include checking all the machinery in and around the facilities. If an incident is identified and it concerns a technical part of the building, Darius informs a colleague and if there is a service agreement for this equipment, the vendor will be called in to fix it, and Darius signs off on the completed repairs and work order. If the incident is with a client’s piece of equipment, the client will be contacted and will determine the course of action. In some cases, a Data Center Technician such as Darius will do the actual repairs. In the near future, Darius will be able to carry out all walkthroughs for electrical, heating, cooling and fire protection. We welcome Darius to the NTT family and we will continue to follow his journey and give periodic updates on how he is progressing in his training and career as a Data Center Technician.

Darius (left) and colleagues at the Welcome Day event for new employees