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Global Data Centers Staff

As COVID-19 still spreads throughout the world, there is mounting evidence that the social distancing measures that public entities, private enterprises, and individuals have embraced, are having an effect on flattening the curve. However, there is still much to learn and do, yet at the same time

e-shelter Staff

The London 1 Data Center continues to move forward as the fit-out progresses. Estimated time to open operations for LON1 is now summer 2020.  

Dominik Friedel & Dr. Jochen Biedermann
e-shelter innovation lab

Digital has become mainstream in the financial industry and FinTech companies have become a source for innovative solutions and new services on a global scale.

e-shelter staff

We announced in January the launch of the consolidated Global Data Centers division at the PTC event in Hawaii, where NTT Ltd.

Global Data Centers EMEA
e-shelter innovation lab

The e-shelter innovation lab has been a successful initiative within the EMEA region since its inception in 2017. With its flagship lab in Frankfurt, the e-shelter innovation lab has created hundreds of Proof of Concepts for existing data center customers as well as prospects. Customers of the la

Ashley Hamilton

The London 1 Data Center has progressed at an impressive rate. The shell and core work is now complete, and the fit-out is underway. The data center will be ready for operation in April 2020.

Ashley Hamilton
Amsterdam 1

2019 has been a year of great achievements for NTT Global Data Centers EMEA. To start with, two new data center campuses were inaugurated. On April 11, Amsterdam 1 was launched, the first NTT data center facility in the Netherlands.

Christopher Stumm

A well-known African proverb says that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a whole lot of know-how to train a robot! We’re delighted to have secured for our project 14 partners who are actively involved – and enthusiastic about it.

e-shelter staff

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA continues to expand in Europe. Our latest development within Germany is the expansion of the Munich 2 campus. New construction of Building B will involve a shell and core build plus a Phase 1 fit-out.

Ashley Hamilton
e-shelter Innovation Lab

The first stage of the NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest (OIC) is right around the corner, with the regional contest taking place on October 17th, 2019 in Munich.