• e-shelter London 1 Data Center Developments

Ashley Hamilton
e-shelter London 1 Data Center Developments

With the recent launch of the Amsterdam 1 Data Center, London 1 is the next venture outside of e-shelter’s historic German speaking operating areas and the third location in the FLAP market for the company. Construction is underway at the site in Dagenham, East London, and it is making impressive progress so far as the structure of the data center is beginning to show. The first phase of the data center is set to open Q2 2020, bringing online 8MW of power capacity, with five additional phases to follow.

e-shelter is looking forward to participating in the data center capital of Europe. London still maintains its leading position as the city is a global connectivity hub - home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), which is one of the world’s largest internet exchange points with more than 850 members. The city is also a major business and financial services location and boasts thousands of technology companies.

An aerial view of the e-shelter London 1 Data Center

The new e-shelter campus will not only meet growing demand within the data center vertical, but also, it will specifically help restore the Borough of Barking and Dagenham by bringing an exciting, new industrial development to the area. The large number of jobs produced by the data center will benefit Dagenham immensely. The leader of Barking and Dagenham council, Darren Rodwell, expressed how the development would benefit the area by stating that “this is the start of a digital revolution in Barking and Dagenham and will provide much needed jobs for our residents in a growing tech industry." Rodwell also added that “giving the green light to these data centers will mean Barking and Dagenham will be able to power London’s digital economy well into the 21st century.”

The London 1 Data Center will offer 25,600 sqm of IT space and once fully developed, 60MW of IT load, making it one of the largest data centers in the UK. As a member of the NTT Group, e-shelter can connect to a global network of more than 140 data centers. Gyron, a sister company also owned by NTT, already operates five data centers in Hemel Hempstead and Slough, both just outside of London. These Gyron data centers will be interconnected to London 1, creating a London network operating platform capable of supporting over 100MW of IT load.

Stay tuned to watch our London 1 Data Center as it continues to evolve through the ongoing development process.


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