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Dominik Friedel
IoT Wall of Fame at the Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab and its partners have developed many Proof of Concept solutions over the years by leveraging several emerging technologies. These trials and use cases, simulated within a live data center environment, are extremely important to customers and our partners as they validate new IT infrastructures, products, and services in a risk-free environment. The Innovation Lab is a beneficial asset that complements any organization’s due diligence and risk assessments prior to committing to expensive, resource-intensive, company-wide IT infrastructure changes.

e-shelter has participated in several recent IoT technology demos with partners. Together, we are creating and validating some very inventive applications. Below you will find one such cutting-edge Internet of Things trial that we are running in the lab. We look forward to sharing more examples of innovation and technology collaboration that can be applied across a myriad of businesses and industries.

Connected Freight Wagon with Partners: A1 Digital and Cumulocity

Networking machines, equipment and other products are already a reality in many industries today. But the ability to gather, monitor and control data remotely brings many new opportunities that businesses want to leverage.

The Connected Freight Wagon Use Case delivers important insight into the possibilities of leveraging data within the freight sector. The collection of data by means of energy efficient, self-sufficient hardware allows maximum flexibility. These built-in sensors send data to the connected A1 Digital IoT Platform. Dashboards and visualizations then allow the customer to view the collected data in a digestable manner. Based on predefined rules, alerts can be setup or reports generated. Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer this data directly into existing enterprise systems, such as an ERP.

Customer Benefits

Tracking: The solution makes it possible to determine the exact location of each freight car and to track the freight car in order to use it optimally
Load weight: The solution can determine the load weight of a freight car and set alerts in case of weight overage to avoid problems during transport
Acceleration: The solution makes it possible to detect the acceleration speed measured train by train
Services: The solution documents the hardware in order to intervene quickly in case of errors / problems
Outlook: Detection of track and turn characteristics while driving to optimize the planning of service on train tracks

Innovation Lab IoT Wall of Fame

The Innovation Lab is excited to participate in IoT use cases and we are committed to elevating and displaying these use cases within our Frankfurt Innovation Lab to stimulate discussions, collaboration, and action. With our newly created IoT Wall of Fame situated within the Innovation Lab Collaboration area, customers, prospects and partners can learn about the different PoCs that are being applied to change business strategies and industries. This is where ideas can truly become reality. 

To learn more about the Innovation Lab, please visit the e-shelter website to see how we can help your business.