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Andreas Vogl
e-shelter recognized as leader in German and Swiss Colocation Services Markets

We have got it in black and white: ISG has named e-shelter the leader in colocation services in Germany and Switzerland. As part of the ISG Provider Lens study for Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions, the market research and consulting firm looked at, among other things, the area of colocation, which is becoming increasingly important for companies. The study is based on quantitative survey data and analyst assessments.

e-shelter recognized as leader in German Colocation Services 2019 by ISG Research

The ISG experts examined five central questions that are decisive for the selection of a colocation service provider. e-shelter scored in all five areas:

1. Where are colocation areas available?
We operate colocation areas spread across Germany at nine locations and three more in Amsterdam, Zurich, and Vienna. This gives our customers maximum flexibility. As a subsidiary of NTT Limited, we are also part of a global network of data centers covering 20+ countries and over 400,000 m² of data center space.

2. How much colocation space does the provider operate overall, and how will future needs be met?
Our customers have a total area of 120,000 m² and a connected load of 400 MVA at their disposal - and we are continuously expanding our capacities. Our Frankfurt 4 Data Center in Hattersheim recently initiated operations.

3. What are the availability and security standards for the colocation areas?
According to the ISG experts, our quality standards go far beyond the usual standards: "Colocation at e-shelter includes uninterruptible power and emergency power supply, redundant refrigeration and air conditioning systems, central security management as well as comprehensive fire protection and fire fighting systems."

4. What services does each provider offer?
As an on-site service, our customers can access remote hands or installation services. Also, ISG rates the e-shelter Connectivity Services with direct connections to the large hyperscalers as extremely positive.

5. What innovative power does the respective provider have?
In terms of innovative strength, the Innovation Labs, which operate at several locations, are convincing - modern cloud solutions can be tested here risk-free in a Proof of Concept (PoC) environment before they are integrated into companies' live IT networks.

e-shelter recognized as leader in Swiss Colocation Services 2019 by ISG Research

In addition to Germany, these colocation criteria were also applied to the parallel ISG study for colocation services in Switzerland, and here too, ISG put e-shelter at the top. In Switzerland, we operate a multi-certified colocation data center with a current area of 7,000 m², which will be expanded to 11,500 m² in the coming years.