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e-shelter's Home Turf is German-Speaking Europe

e-shelter’s journey to success began in the DACH market, which is made up of the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. e-shelter has been a leading provider of data centers and connectivity solutions in this market for nearly 20 years with campuses located in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Zurich.

e-shelter’s strongest presence is in the Frankfurt market, with four data center campuses now present, with Frankfurt 4 having just opened on June 27. Frankfurt 4 will have 24,000 sqm of available colocation white space and will be supported by 80MW of IT load, once fully completed. The campus is located in Hattersheim, approximately 10 km linear distance from e-shelter’s Frankfurt 1 and Frankfurt 3 campuses. CEO of e-shelter, Rupprecht Rittweger, commented on the opening, “Phase 1 of Frankfurt 4 was built in less than 12 months with significant capacity being rented to customers in advance of the opening. Frankfurt 4 strengthens our position as market leader leveraging a total capacity of over 400 MVA in Europe". e-shelter Frankfurt is also the home of the Innovation Lab, open to customers and partners to run PoCs on innovative technologies within a live environment.

e-shelter celebrates the opening of the Frankfurt 4 data center

Frankfurt, not surprisingly, is a major data center market and the second largest one in Europe (after London) and makes up two-thirds of Germany’s data center supply. The Frankfurt market is recognized for its connectivity, as the city is rich in fiber and it is where DE-CIX resides, which is one of Europe’s largest internet exchanges. Frankfurt’s geographic location allows connections to Eastern and Western Europe, along with the Nordics and the Middle East (via Turkey), making it a very well-connected hub. e-shelter will continue to serve this market as demand for space continues to increase.

The next strongest e-shelter presence is in Munich, where the company has two data centers. Munich is the third largest city in Germany and has the strongest economy out of all the German cities and boasts an important technology hub. As a result, it places itself as a solid, regional alternative to Frankfurt. The automotive industry is vibrant in Munich, and another Innovation Lab, located within the Munich data center, has developed its own digital hub – Future Mobility – where new automotive solutions are devised using the latest technologies.

e-shelter is soon expanding its presence in Berlin, Germany’s capital city, with one data center already present and another to be developed as a result of a recently secured land transaction. Berlin is the largest city in Germany and is the second-largest German data center market, behind Frankfurt. Berlin was also ranked as the number two city in Europe for start-ups. Specifically, there is an abundance of technology start-ups, as this sector is growing rapidly in the region. Berlin is clearly a city full of innovation, ideal for e-shelter’s line of business and providing multiple benefits to customers with a new site, which will also be complete with an Innovation Lab.

Hamburg is another city in Germany where e-shelter has a presence, with its Hamburg 1 data center, which is a smaller data center, holding 1.6 MW of power capacity. Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and is home to a budding technology community with a focus on e-commerce, as well as a more established media industry – translating into increased demand for low-latency connectivity.

Zurich 1 was e-shelter’s first data center outside Germany and it opened in June 2011. It is the largest city in Switzerland and is the economic center of the country, with its well-known and thriving financial sector. The SwissIX resides in the city, which is the largest Internet Exchange Point in the country.

e-shelter’s first Austrian data center is located in Vienna, Austria’s capital and largest city. Due to its proximity to Eastern Europe, Vienna has recently become a hub into Russia due to its excellent connectivity links. The IT sector itself is prominent in Vienna, with UBM rating it one of the top "Internet Cities" worldwide. It is also home to the aptly-named Vienna Internet Exchange (VIX).

e-shelter continues to develop within the DACH market while it also expands into other parts of Europe. We recently opened our Amsterdam data center in April and have additional projects currently underway in London and Madrid. We are excited to increase our geographical reach and to provide our cutting-edge data center services and solutions to organizations across the continent.


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