• London 1 Development Update

Ashley Hamilton
Shell and core work now complete

The London 1 Data Center has progressed at an impressive rate. The shell and core work is now complete, and the fit-out is underway. The data center will be ready for operation in April 2020. Left to be completed is the mechanical and electrical installation, which includes testing and commissioning, as well as the fit-out of the gatehouse and office space.

 Interior fit-out is in progress

Once London 1 is complete, the data center will provide up to 12,800 sqm of IT space and 32 MW of IT load, but in this first phase, the data center will support an initial IT load of 8 MW. The second London 1 building will also be built to allow for optimal customization of customer fit-out requirements. The data center will be a concurrently maintainable Tier III facility, with critical power and cooling infrastructure in place. The building offers 2.5kW per sqm.

The data center has incoming fiber routes from the Docklands, which is established as the UK’s internet hub and serves as a backbone for the majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) infrastructure. NTT data centers in Slough and Hemel Hempstead are already routed there, and London 1 will be interconnected to these existing facilities, creating an impressive networked London operating platform that is able to support over 100 MW of IT load.

A small but notable feature of the building is the recently completed ‘Living Wall’ (see image below). The wall has plants vertically positioned along it and has a built-in irrigation system that utilizes a rainwater catchment system. The plants are positioned on a wall that receives maximum sunlight to better ensure that they flourish and prosper along with the data center campus. As a large data center provider, we assume corporate responsibility to take steps toward better sustainability, not only in our direct business operations but also with respect to the overall climate and environment.

 The 'Living Wall'

To see the entirety of the site, check out our most recent drone video:

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