• One Industrial IoT in the Cloud, please.

    • Spirit 21 / Dell EMC
Dominik Friedel
One Industrial IoT in the Cloud, please.

In 2019, the Hannover Messe will once again be dominated by the digitization of production. For e-shelter this means offering visitors not only concepts, but also, actual implementable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that are secure and reliable. Visitors will experience how IIoT can be implemented today at a manageable cost with the SPIRIT/21 Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud, components from Dell EMC and services from e-shelter. The exciting thing is that, in contrast to many other theoretical approaches, the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud is already a mature product that can prove its functionality at any time in the e-shelter innovation lab.

The Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud is a software platform that is based on open source software components and collects and processes data from any sensor, machine or IT system. The Use Case at the e-shelter booth in Hall 6, Booth B53 shows that the source data can be transferred with different protocols. First, the end devices send their data via a secure connection to edge gateways where it goes through the secure message server to the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud. Since this is highly sensitive production data, the systems for storing, processing and evaluating the data are appropriately located at an e-shelter data center. At this location, the data is physically protected from unauthorized access and continuous operation is ensured.

e-shelter booth at the Hannover Messe

In the high-security environment of the e-shelter data center, the data is stored in a special NoSQL database designed for mass data. The decisive step then follows within the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud: The data is enriched, correlated and analyzed in order to be passed on to external systems such as SAP, SCADA or ticket systems. By request, the data collected can be visualized within the framework of dashboards defined by the customer. The rules of data processing for the sensor data (business logic) can be completely defined by the customer via flow-based programming but without the need to write code. Of particular interest, data from different sensors can be processed individually in parallel workflows.

As part of our live application at the Hannover Messe, the data from a distance sensor, which are transferred to the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud via the MQTT protocol, trigger an action via the predefined workflow - a light bulb is switched on via a relay. The power consumption of this light bulb is then recorded by the electricity meter. The meter sends its data via radio (wireless meter bus) to a gateway. The gateway then sends the data via MQTT to the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud.

The live application is intended to illustrate the functionality of the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud. Above all, we would like to demonstrate that there are solutions for medium-sized businesses that can be implemented directly, quickly and cost-effectively. A universal software platform for all sensors saves on costs for licenses and maintenance. The Open Source-based solution eliminates licensing costs for the software. The customer pays only once and receives a manufacturer-independent solution that can be scaled at any time. By storing the data within an e-shelter data center, maximum security and availability are guaranteed.

The partnership between Dell EMC, e-shelter and SPIRIT/21 was created within the Innovation Lab. More than 115 partner companies and 40 start-ups offer a variety of technologies and services as part of the lab’s core ecosystem. In addition to space, power, and security, we offer customers, business partners, and technology providers new ways to test innovative solutions in a dynamic community quickly and without obligation. Especially for medium-sized companies that want to benefit from IoT applications as quickly as possible, this is the ideal environment to validate one’s own technologies with the Industrial IoT & Automation Cloud completely risk-free.  


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