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Ashley Hamilton
Open Innovation Contest: Start-Up Profiles

The first stage of the NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest (OIC) is right around the corner, with the regional contest taking place on October 17th, 2019 in Munich. Start-ups from the DACH region will present their technology projects to the panel, where two winners will be chosen to present their innovations in Tokyo for the finale on January 24th, 2020.

The nine start-ups to present in Munich are as follows:

Weeve (https://weeve.network/)

The Berlin-based start-up, Weeve, aims to enable companies to extract value from the Economy of Things. Weeve provides the underlying technologies for clients to transition to Industry 4.0 by furnishing a platform for securely connecting machines, certifying the data, and monetizing the data assets to create the Economy of Things. The start-up offers innovative ways to utilize IoT through security-by-design technology and customized solutions, operating across industry verticals of IIoT, Automotive, Supply Chain, Mobility and Logistics.

JoS Quantum (https://jos-quantum.de/)

JoS Quantum, located in Frankfurt am Main, provides quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms via a cloud platform, which is accessible via web API and easy to integrate into an existing IT landscape. The pre-implemented algorithms are used to solve demanding problems in risk management, trading portfolio management, fraud prevention and other computationally intensive tasks in advanced data analytics.

TerraLoupe (https://www.terraloupe.com/)

Terraloupe, founded in Munich, is based on the premise that understanding accurate geo image data can fundamentally improve decision-making for businesses and introduce new prospects to numerous industrial applications. The start-up acquires AI-powered HD maps out of aerial imagery. The imagery is analysed using machine learning algorithms, which then provide object recognition to locate every piece of relevant information for customers.

Cogvis (https://www.cogvis.at/)

Vienna-based start-up Cogvis, develops state-of-the-art AAL (Active and Assisted Living) solutions that make life easier and safer for elderly people. Cogvis’ main product, Fearless, is a non-wearable IoT device powered by AI algorithms for behaviour monitoring, that can be configured flexibly to the needs of the patient. The system detects falls as well as preventing them, as Fearless can automatically switch on a light when a person gets up in the night, for instance. Should there be a fall, the system immediately alerts the patient’s nurse for help.

Implandata Ophthalmic Products (https://www.implandata.com/EN/index.html)

Implandata Ophthalmic Products is a digital health company based in Hannover. They aim to transform glaucoma care by combining innovative medical technology with state-of-the-art information technology. The eyemate® system consists of a permanent implantable and biocompatible micro sensor that provides continuous monitoring of the diseases main parameter: intraocular pressure. The system combines this data with additional variables such as patient history, patient activity and the functional and structural condition of the eye. The results provide the best therapy for each patient that minimizes the risk of further visual loss.

Open Innovation Contest 2019

Wandelbots (http://www.wandelbots.com/)

Located in Dresden, Wandelbots democratizes robot programming. Cutting-edge interaction technologies enable anyone to programme a robot themselves. Task experts can teach the robot how to carry out certain tasks by demonstration, and automatically the control programme is generated and learnt by the robot. While the robot is taught a certain task, the sensors of the robot, as well as available external sensors, capture the properties of the environment. This allows the robot to adapt to changing situations automatically.

TWAICE Technologies (https://twaice.com/)

Based in Munich, TWAICE Technologies has developed a digital twin solution and AI battery analytics software that enables precise determination and prediction of battery health along the whole lifecycle within major industries. Clients benefit from cost-optimized battery concepts, faster testing, increased lifetime and higher reliability. The TWAICE client base covers a vast array of industries ranging from e-scooters to stationary energy storage.

Rytle (https://rytle.de/?lang=en)

Rytle, founded in Bremen, combines state-of-the-art technology and environmental protection for maximum flexibility in the area of city logistics. The concept infuses digital transformation for the last mile in an intelligent way that is nearly emission-free and cost-efficient. The products include the MovR, the BOX and theCity HUB. They are all equipped with sensors and telematics to ensure interactive communication and continuous process optimization between customers and logistics companies.

Wingcopter (https://wingcopter.com/)

German start-up Wingcopter develops autonomous drones equipped with a variety of sensors that allow for the smoothest of journeys. Wingcopter’s core innovation is its unique tilt-rotor mechanism. It ensures a smooth and robust transition between hovering like a multicopter and flying forward like a plane. Wingcopter has a high payload capacity and it can also cover great distances of up to 100 kilometres. The drone can withstand extreme weather conditions as it is wind resistant and rainproof. Furthermore, Wingcopter sets the benchmark for commercial VTOL drones, with a world-speed record of 240 km/h.