• Robotizing the Data Center

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Christopher Stumm
Robotizing the Data Center, IoT

Can training a robot solve an acute skills shortage?

If we have an untrained robot and a highly specialized job, how hard is it to apply one to the other? How can we teach them what to do? What are the challenges that await us?

Many companies are thinking about ways to optimize their processes by using 'robotic process automation', which uses software with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to handle repetitive tasks. When we were thinking about further enhancing our "remote hands" services in our colocation center, the idea came up to take this one step further by training a real robot, not just a software system. A new project was born: "Robotizing Data Centers." Our goal is to understand the complete technology chain including AI, Hybrid Cloud and IoT.

And actually, we already have the perfect infrastructure for prototyping and testing: The NTT Innovation Lab in Frankfurt is dedicated to testing new scenarios in the digital world, and this is where our new project will be located for the next few months. Our goal is to train a robot with the help of 14 technology partners - and we want to share our experiences with you in our weekly blog. Christopher Stumm leads the project and shares his first insights into its setup.


Keep an eye out for the next episode and join us when we unwrap our robot!