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The e-shelter innovation lab has been a successful initiative within the EMEA region since its inception in 2017. With its flagship lab in Frankfurt, the e-shelter innovation lab has created hundreds of Proof of Concepts for existing data center customers as well as prospects. Customers of the lab appreciate the Try Before You Buy concept of testing new technology solutions for their businesses with minimal risk but with huge upside potential. In an era where disruptive technology can create competitive advantage, the e-shelter innovation lab helps accelerate time to market for companies operating in a wide range of industries.

 The Technology Experience Lab in Frankfurt with multiple ongoing projects

In March 2019, NTT Communications launched Nexcenter Lab in its Tokyo data centers, which also provides organizations with testing opportunities in a real-world production environment. As with the e-shelter innovation lab, the Nexcenter Lab focuses on emerging technologies from hybrid cloud scenarios to AI and IoT and more. Proof of Concept projects become successful with the collaboration and support of a robust ecosystem of partners, suppliers and start-ups, including other divisions within the NTT family.

 A view from a Technology Experience Lab in Tokyo

As a result of two regional NTT lab environments operating separately but communicating closely with each other, and with the recent consolidation of the data center businesses into the Global Data Centers division, it only made sense that the labs would come together as well. As of today, we are now known as Technology Experience Lab, which operates under the Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd. Toan Nguyen, who had the original concept for the e-shelter innovation lab said this about the newly formed group: "We look forward to working with our APAC counterparts as we jointly expand the Technology Experience Lab to new geographical areas across the Global Data Center platform. We look forward to the many opportunities ahead!"

As a consolidated group, Technology Experience Lab now operates in seven regions with labs planned or in development for the UK, the United States, and Indian markets.