• Broadcast meets IP

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We hope you were able to establish new and deepen existing contacts. You will find all presentations and contact details of speakers here:

Sebastian Ruchti, Evertz Microsystems Inc.

Hardware Konzepte zur Konvergenz von Broadcast und IP (as pdf)

Elie Sader and Stefan Meier, Harmonic Inc.

Virtualising your Video (as pdf)

Wendelin Meyer-Mölck and Karsten Knoblauch, e-shelter facility services GmbH

Standortfaktor Rechenzentrum für die neue Medienwelt (as pdf)

Jörn Kolbrink and Dieter Franz

Due to legal obligations we are not allowed to publish the presentation 'Production as a Service'.



Former visions become reality
Media's future will be in the Internet
Broadcast and IP come together

This influences almost all sectors of the media industry

  • Aggregation, production and distribution of movie and TV content are changing
  • Systems planning is influenced by new hardware concepts and methods of signal transmission
  • Standardized IP hardware will replace proprietary broadcast systems
  • The roll of discreet servers will be taken over by virtual machines

The latest trends also influence the infrastructure. Media production and media distribution systems will be increasingly provided by standard IT in datacenter. We kindly invite you to an event on July, 17th 2014 in our e-shelter event center. We will give you a deeper insight into current developments in the fields of production methods, signal distribution and signal processing. The agenda includes speeches, concrete installation examples and insights into the datacenter infrastructure. We are looking forward to meet you.

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  • 12.00 p.m.           Datacenter guided tour (optional)
  • 1.00 p.m.             Registration, snacks and networking
  • 2.00 p.m.             Reception
  • 2.05 p.m.             Hardware concepts for convergence of broadcast and IP
    Sebastian Ruchti, Evertz
  • 2.50 p.m.             Virtualize your video
    Elie Sader and Stefan Meier, Harmonic
  • 3.35 p.m.             Coffee break
  • 4.05 p.m.             Location factor datacenter for the new media worlds
    Wendelin Meyer-Mölck, e-shelter
  • 4.50 p.m.             Production as a Service Red Bull Media House as example
    Jörn Kolbrink and Dieter Franz, Human Factor Engineer
  • afterwards            Fingerfood and Networking

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