• Broadcast meets IP

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We hope you were able to establish new and deepen existing contacts. You will find all presentations (only available in German) and contact details of speakers here:

Sebastian Ruchti, Evertz Microsystems Inc.
Hardware Konzepte und aktuelle Anwendungsbeispiele zur Konvergenz von Broadcast und IP
(as pdf)

Karsten Knoblauch, e-shelter facility services GmbH
Standortfaktor Rechenzentrum für die neue Medienwelt (as pdf)

Andreas Martin, Interlake Media GmbH
Linked Media Production (as pdf)

Dieter Franz
Design follows Function (as pdf)

Visions become reality

Broadcast and IP come together

Cloud computing provides seamless networking

Program from June 23rd 2015

  • 1.30 pm: Guided tour at e-shelter Datacenter (optional)
  • 3.00 pm: Registration and reception at rbb site
  • 4.00 pm: Welcome
  • 4.05 pm: Hardware concepts for convergence of broadcast and IP – Sebastian Ruchti (evertz)
  • 4.50 pm: Location factor datacenter for the new media world – Karsten Knoblauch (e-shelter)
  • 5.05 pm: Linked Media Production – Andreas Martin (Interlake)
  • 5.50 pm: Design follows Function – Dieter Franz
  • afterwards: Fingerfood and networking


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