• Connectivity services

Well connected

The e-shelter data centers are connected over several node and edge-disjoint paths of numerous carriers. The e-shelter Campus has redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms (CMMR) available for best networking to the carrier of your choice. Furthermore, direct internet connections can be established over high-performance IP networks of global Tier I providers.

The connectivity services at a glance:

  • e-connect: Carrier-neutral, flexible and scalable connectivity between e-shelter locations and to leading cloud provider
  • Cross Connect: For rapid connecting from e-shelter customer to carrier/service provider between Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms and the dedicated colocation space via pre-cabling
  • Datacenter Connect: High-performance connection between two e-shelter data centers or to third-party data centers
  • Internet Connect: Internet connection over global Tier I providers with dedicated bandwidth from 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect
Increase your hybrid cloud potential

Use the direct access to AWS region EU to build your Hybrid IT.

Microsoft ExpressRoute™

MS Express RouteTM
Your direct access to Microsoft Cloud Germany

Learn more about the advantages of a direct access and how your company benefits from.

Improve the security of your systems with a dual-site concept: mirroring of your data through a direct link between two DC sites

Network and carriers

Cross Connects – rapid connection to the data center community and the internet.