• e-shelter Network and Connectivity Services


Our Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms (CMMR) are the central areas for all kinds of interconnections. They are equipped with a carrier space and a high secure patch area.

  • Two CMMRs per data center campus, located in two different fire protected areas
  • Redundant and non-intersecting infrastructure
  • Direct access to the leading Internet Exchanges (BCIX, DE-CIX, SWISSIX, VIX), Console, national and global ethernet and MPLS-network providers (350+ carrier) as well as global cloud providers.
  • High availability and security

e-connect basic services


Pre-cabling provides structured cabling from any space or rack on our campus to the CMMR via fiber connections. It enables fast provisioning for all e-connect products.

  • High quality single-mode (OS2) fiber-optic cabling is utilized
  • Presentation via 19” patch panels with E2000/APC fiber connectors
  • Available in various service modules

e-connect port

Allows access to all services available via the multi service interconnection platform over one physical port

  • Choice of 1GE or 10GE ports to access our virtual services
  • Cost efficient alternative to dedicated ports per individual service

e-connect standard services

e-connect standard services offers the possibility to connect two different points within an NTT data center or between two metro data centers redundantly through the following products:

Cross connect

Cross connect provides a point-to-point connection within a data center, originating from space to space, space to rack or rack to rack.

  • Based on single-mode (OS2) fiber cables

Datacenter connect

Datacenter connect is a managed service (Ethernet up to 100G or fiber channel 8G up to 16G), for geo-redundant solutions between our data centers within a metro region.

  • High availability and redundancy through two separate building feeds and separate routes between metro data center locations (node- and intersection-free)
  • Chassis redundancy where two redundant DWDM systems are installed on both of the two dark fiber routes
  • Enables geo-redundancy business continuity architecture that meets high availability requirements
  • Encryption optional

e-connect virtual services

e-connect virtual services offers a variety of connectivity services that are designed to deliver dynamic and cost-effective network solutions. It also aims to extend your network reach and connect you to a global infrastructure of your choice. e-connect virtual services enables you to take full advantage of state-of-the-art networking technology which ensures highly scalable, flexible, secure, and manageable connectivity. e-connect virtual services provides high availability and performance of network services. The service portfolio offers the most complete, advanced features in the industry, such as transparent carrier ethernet networking. Once connected, clients are able to build-up flexible interconnectivity based on dedicated private connections across our data centers and connect to existing clients, internet services or cloud providers.

e-connect private

e-connect private enables multiple logical connections (point-to-point) with flexible bandwidth profiles over a single physical port.

e-connect private supports standard carrier ethernet services, such as E-Line (ethernet virtual private line, ethernet private line) as well as features such as VLAN & EtherType manipulation.

  • e-connect private offers secure and flexible location-independent connections between client locations
  • Point to point and point to multipoint solutions
  • Provides higher flexibility for using the physical infrastructure through virtualization
  • Enables geo-redundancy business continuity architecture that meets high availability requirements

e-connect cloud

e-connect cloud is a managed service based on redundant dedicated connections to the leading cloud providers independent from the public internet.

  • Direct interconnections are established through a dedicated layer 2 virtual private network to the cloud provider of the clients’ choice
  • Dedicated and scalable bandwidth on demand from all our data centers
  • Enabling direct connectivity with leading cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google
  • Enterprise clients will be able to implement their cloud strategy and benefit from bandwidth without limits by implementing a unique combination of bandwidth services to access public, private and hybrid cloud services
  • Utilising the flexibility of a public cloud with the performance of a private cloud

e-connect internet

e-connect internet offers high performance access to the internet fully managed by NTT. Depending on your needs you can choose a single service, a protected service including a backup connection or a fully redundant service using BGP configuration. The e-connect internet service is available at all our data centers, which are interconnected via our multi service interconnection platform.

  • Fully managed service from NTT
  • Blended tier 1 access via the NTT AS
  • Various redundancy options

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect
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Microsoft ExpressRoute

MS ExpressRoute
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Improve the security of your systems with a dual-site concept: mirroring of your data through a direct link between two data center sites

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