• Energy efficiency

Pool energies, preserve resources, foster growth

We continually strive to enhance the energy efficiency of our data centres. We gain the know-how to master these challenges from the empirical analyses of existing data centres. We familiarize ourselves with the latest technologies on the basis of a close collaboration with research institutes and industrial associations. We already use optimized and coordinated cooling technologies such as free cooling, newly developed high temperature heat pumps, adiabatic cooling and cold aisle containment systems. Exhaust heat is used to heat the adjacent buildings.

In Datacenter Frankfurt 3 the new hybrid external air cooling co-developed by e-shelter in accordance with the latest energy-related findings is used. The external air becomes humidified and the warm circulating air of the computers is consequently cooled indirectly using two heat exchangers. External air and circulating air have no connection with one another. This means that any contamination and moisture exchange through the external air is consequently excluded.

The hybrid system control developed by e-shelter engineers enables energy savings while maintaining the high level of availability. This cooling method saves up to one-third of the cooling energy costs on comparison with pure water cooling.

By integrating planning, construction and operating services, we can incorporate the findings from this energy optimisation into the planning of our new computer centers. In our capacity as an energy provider, we are also investing specifically in the upstream network infrastructure, meaning we can use state-of-the-art transformers with high efficiencies at the 110 kV level. Last but not least, we are creating significant efficiency potentials through the size of our systems.

We have been implementing large parts of the requirements for certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems for a long time already:

  • Monitoring, measurement and analysis of data from electrical control technology and calibrated measurements (consumption data)
  • Evaluation of data to analyse the energetic optimisation of all relevant plants and systems (determining and checking PUE)
  • Regulation of the supply and exhaust air in the server premises (cold/hot aisle optimisation, dual floor management)
  • Measurement and optimisation of cold aisle containment

e-shelter eco-power
100% renewable energies

CO2 Emission 0 mg/kWh
Radioactive waste 0 mg/kWh


District heating from the Datacenter Zurich