Design and build

Since our foundation of e-shelter in 2000, now NTT, we have been developing our own data centers. On the basis of our experience from operating what grew to be over 160,000 sqm of high-availability data center space, we have optimized the design in every aspect in close cooperation with leading systems manufacturers: in terms of energy (PUE), ecologically (LEED certification) and technically. The drive for innovation has always been the requirements of our clients and partners. This means we are able to develop reliable but economic solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

We also offer our expertise as planners of high-availability environments. We can develop a professional concept for you, irrespective of whether you want to integrate a single server room into your building or develop a completely separate data center.

As a general planner, we can undertake the entire planning process for you: from the base estimates to the planning permission and construction documentation. Our services cover both the planning of the building, the technical building equipment such as emergency power supply, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as security technology. As general contractors, we can also carry out the complete building project for you, guaranteeing compliance with costs, deadlines and quality even for complex data center projects.

Job profiles

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Energy efficiency

30% of the energy costs for cooling are saved using external air cooling processes