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Security in all respects

Security and scalability are two of the central requirements, which major companies – irrespective of sector – place on their service provider for outsourcing their IT services. Both requirements have a multitude of dimensions. The required security alone for data center services is multi-dimensional: security for the IT systems, planning security, security through multi-level security measures, protection from risks - to name but a few.

As we offer all the services for data centers from a single source – from planning and construction to buildings and technical infrastructure operations and security using our own security and operational personnel – we can guarantee this security. Through the size of our building and premises, we can also offer the scalability that major companies are searching for.

Your requirements are the impetus to constantly improve our quality and the source of our innovations.

Flexible spaces

From individual racks to the Dedicated Suite: we can develop the right solution for your requirements

Global Data Centers EMEA operates four data centers in the Frankfurt region alone with more than 65,000 sqm