• Financial services

Minimizing risks, keeping flexibility 

The new opportunities offered by cloud computing are not just chances. They are also challenges, which must be overcome. Agility is the maxim: the IT strategy must guarantee performance while enabling flexibility. But this flexibility should not be achieved at the cost of security.

To accommodate your IT and network systems, we have developed solutions which counter this challenge that is particularly great for the financial services sector: flexible space and usage models in a secure, high-availability environment that fulfills all regulatory guidelines. You can adapt the size and equipment of your space to meet your needs, coordinate SLAs to your requirements and have the security systems installed at the desired level in your rented space.

  • Flexible space with variable power densities
  • Individually adaptable security measures
  • Your own security and operating personnel on-site 24/7
  • Data security through mirroring in two NTT data centers (dual site concept)
  • Alternative workplaces (shared or exclusive): for traders and brokers, we have special front-office and back-office workplaces available, which are separated in accordance with legal conditions

Flexible space

Ensure you have the necessary flexibility to be able to adapt your space and energy requirements to your business development at any time.


Best security

We adapt our security measures
to your special requirements.

Whether biometric readers or armed security personnel, we can implement your requirements with our own staff.

NTT is certified in accordance with ISO 27001

...and fulfils the outsourcing regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) for Switzerland