Flexible, secure and connected

Your objectives and requirements are at the heart of our work. We take time to get to know and understand your situation. We then develop a plan together with you that corresponds to your funds and options and minimizes risks. If for a complex outsourcing project or for rack space, we always provide you with a customized solution that offers you flexibility and security.

Your requirements are the basis for our innovation. We continuously work on improving our services and adapting to the changing challenges that are specifically brought about by technological progress in the IT world. Greater energy efficiency by improving systems and using state of the art cooling technologies is the key issue here. The development of new solutions is based on our engineers and technicians' experience and knowledge from operating roughly 160,000 sqm of high availability data center space. For even more security, more efficiency and more flexibility with consistently high quality.

We do everything ourselves for this quality. We design and build, run and secure, round the clock, on-site, using our own personnel. We find the land, develop the building, plan the security systems, provide the power and operate the systems for cooling and energy. This is the only way we can offer you the flexibility required to adapt your data center to your business development. We accept any challenge for the security of your systems.

NTT is member of the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, BITKOM e.V.


Global Data Centers EMEA operates four data centers in the Frankfurt region alone with more than 65,000 sqm