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Security for delicate data

Through the constant further development of information technology, particularly through cloud computing, lots of new opportunities are opening up for companies and organizations – even in healthcare.

But new possibilities also bring new rules which need to be understood. For example, patient data held using cloud computing is subject to strict data protection regulations. It is no longer enough that the technical infrastructure is suitable for storing sensitive patient data. Rather, the location where the data is saved also plays a central role for data security. For example, if the data is stored in a country outside Germany, then it is subject to the valid data protection rules of that country.

As well as legal data protection, the loss of data through force majeure such as fire or flooding also plays an important role for patient data. The financial damage can quickly reach an amount that exceeds the original investment. In this case, an external data center, in which the risks caused by technical failure or organizational problems are minimized, can be a suitable solution.

Whether you now have to secure the complex IT systems for a clinic or provide extensive invoicing systems, security and cost controls are central requirements for you. We can work with you to develop the right solution for your requirements, which is also flexible for any changes in the future.


Data center services for the healthcare sector: You will find more information about our services for the availability and security of your data here.

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