• Innovation Lab with Huawei server solutions

The e-shelter innovation lab in Frankfurt is now home to state-of-the-art Huawei server solutions

Today, more than 50 partners provide complete testing environments in the e-shelter innovation lab

Frankfurt, Germany, 16th of November 2017 – e-shelter, an NTT Communications company and one of the leading providers of data centers in Europe, welcomes Huawei as the latest partner in its innovation lab.

With the innovation lab, e-shelter provides its customers and partners with a secure environment and infrastructure for agile, cost-effective testing and validation of available cloud architectures in real time. The e-shelter innovation lab’s direct connection to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud platform, in particular, allows customers and partners to conduct optimum testing of hybrid cloud scenarios.

Huawei provides a complete server environment that is optimised for in-memory data processing. This allows companies in the e-shelter innovation lab to evaluate their digitisation concepts using a quick-response, in-memory database such as SAP S4/HANA.

The Huawei Kunlun 9008 appliances with eight sockets and Xeon E7 processors have a total of two terabytes of working memory; in that sense, they are optimised for running large-scale, single-cluster SAP HANA applications. The installation of these appliances in the e-shelter innovation lab allows users to quickly and reliably test potential digitisation scenarios in a neutral environment, helping them find their footing in a given digitisation project.

“Digitisation is often too intangible for decision-makers at companies,” explains Pablo Cui, General Manager of Huawei Germany Enterprise. “Our new installation in the e-shelter innovation lab will help customers experience how our server environment improves in-memory processing of mission-critical applications by 60 per cent. They can test their own applications or evaluate a new generation of apps.”

“We are extremely pleased to offer the e-shelter innovation lab as an attractive platform for Huawei test scenarios. Around 50 partners have already come together at the e-shelter innovation lab; I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else in Germany,” says Marcus Köhler, Director of International Sales & Business Development at e-shelter. “Evaluations would otherwise take up to a year, but here, users are very rapidly provided with a basis for decision-making when they are interested in optimising their company’s IT or developing new business ideas.”

About the e-shelter innovation lab
With its innovation lab, e-shelter offers an ideal environment for carrying out proof-of-concepts and validating use cases. To that end, e-shelter offers unparalleled connectivity to the Internet and all major cloud providers, as well as physical security in a first-rate atmosphere and an outstanding network in a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Around 50 partners make their technologies available at the dedicated 110-square-metre innovation lab space. The greatest advantage here is the implementation of complete test environments by various manufacturers, such as racks provided by Rittal or Vertiv, high-speed server hardware from Huawei with “Intel inside”, software technologies such as OpenStacks (Canonical), cloud-native technologies (Pivotal) for applications such as Cluster Federation, and solutions for hybrid cloud container orchestration.

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