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iNNOVO Cloud is an IT as a service platform provider. Its focus lies on the implementation and operation of virtual private cloud platforms. These platforms are comprised of standardized components which are compiled individually according to client requirements. Along with extensive know-how in data center operations and cloud computing, iNNOVO Cloud manages the fine balance between ‘as standardized as possible’ and ‘as tailor-made as necessary’. Start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises feel equally supported by the ITaaS concept because it enables their businesses to stay agile and react quickly and dynamically to the challenges in their market segment.

e-shelter innovation lab partner offer

Brought to you by: iNNOVO Cloud GmbH

2 months Proof of Concept trial with IaaS resources based on iNNOVO’s OpenStack platform:

  • Storage Capacity: 1 TB Data
  • Virtual CPUs: up to 25
  • Memory RAM: up to 50 GB
  • Virtual IPv4 Addresses: 2
  • Virtual IPv6 Addresses: unlimited

Contact innovation-lab@e-shelter.de to learn more.

e-shelter innovation lab Partnerangebot

Präsentiert von: iNNOVO Cloud GmbH
2-monatige Proof of Concept-Testphase mit IaaS-Ressourcen basierend auf OpenStack-Plattform von iNNOVO:

  • Speicherkapazität: 1 TB Daten
  • Virtuelle CPUs: bis zu 25
  • Arbeitsspeicher: bis zu 50 GB
  • Virtuelle IPv4-Adressen: 2
  • Virtuelle IPv6-Adressen: unbegrenzt

Für weitere Infos wenden Sie sich an innovation-lab@e-shelter.de.