• IoT Project Day

Invitation IoT Project Day at e-shelter Event Center Frankfurt

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 3 PM

The Internet of Things is one of today’s most used buzzwords but it is rightfully proving itself to be a key accelerator for digitalization initiatives. One in three startups is engaged in the Internet of Things. In addition, almost every company, mid-sized as well as large organizations, are trying to incorporate this technology into their products and services. Particularly within the segment of Industry 4.0, IoT shows a multitude of powerful applications.

Machines and facilities are now becoming “smart” and are equipped with cutting-edge, intelligent sensors that are inter-connected and communicate with each other. The goal is to optimize production and manufacturing processes to make them more cost and time efficient. The Internet of Things can now automate these industry processes along the entire value chain and can enable direct communication among different machines, facilities, equipment, goods and humans. While this communication generates large amounts of data, this information can now be leveraged to generate greater value through its storage, processing and analysis within the cloud or data center.

With the countless possibilities of the Internet of Things, it is essential to identify and amplify precise use cases in order to capitalize upon the technology within the industrial sector.

We are happy to invite you to our IoT Project Day on September 5th at e-shelter in Frankfurt/Main, where we will identify opportunities and demonstrate the great uses of the Internet of Things through discussions and hands-on use cases.


03.00 PM - Welcome, e-shelter
03.20 PM - IoT scenarios and successfully implemented IoT projects, A1 digital
04.00 PM - Digitalisation blockades solved, SPIRIT/21
04.40 PM - IoT in the Smart Building and Smart City environment, Dimension Data
05.20 PM - Data Center Tour
06.00 PM - Marketplace Session
07.00 PM - Networking & Fingerfood
08.00 PM - End

Please note: Due to the high level of safety regulations at the e-shelter data center area, we must further ask you to prove your identity by providing us with an official identity card including a photograph as well as one more official document with photograph (e.g. passport, driver's license) as a deposit of the visitor badge upon registration.