• London 1 Data Center

The London 1 Data Center market is one of the most active colocation ecosystems in the world with a strong networking, internet, and cloud infrastructure presence. London is a strategic hub for data center services for both UK organizations as well as multinational companies who have established offices there and, from both a physical and digital perspective, require reliable services to reach local customers even faster.  As one of the leading data center providers in Europe, e-shelter continues to build the foundation to successfully serve this vibrant data center market today and in the future.   e-shelter is constructing one of the largest data centers in Europe in Dagenham, East London.  The new campus will be known as “London 1 Data Center” (London 1) and is capable of up to 24,000 sqm of IT space and 60 MW IT load once fully developed.  Phase one, with an initial 8 MW IT load, is targeted for a December 2019 opening, with five further phases planned to follow.

In addition, London 1 will join the five existing NTT-owned data centers currently operated by Gyron, a UK data center operator with nearly two decades of experience and expertise that was acquired by NTT Communications in 2012.  These data centers are located in the areas of Hemel Hempstead and Slough, respectively, both in the North-West region of London. With the addition of the Dagenham campus, e-shelter will be interconnected with these existing data centers, creating an impressive networked London operating platform and able to support over 100 MW of IT load.  All e-shelter data center facilities serve traditional wholesale and retail colocation and hybrid IT solutions, supporting customer market segments such as Enterprise, Hyperscale, SaaS, Telco, CDN and Cloud.

e-shelter operates three data centers in the Frankfurt region alone with a total of 65,000 sqm

Flexible spaces

19” Rack with high power density

Separate lockable space from 20 sqm