Using similarities to get ahead

Many industries have their own rules - not just in the form of legal regulations but also in terms of requirements, which result from the relevant business models and targets. For one company, a large supply of connectivity options including specialized service providers is more important, while others require maximum levels of security and high power densities. And others again search for access to existing communities with partners and potential clients. For organizations in the health sector, especially as they are publicly-owned, other regulations and rules apply in turn, although security and cost management also have priority for them.

At NTT, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge through the specific requirements of our clients from various industries and our close cooperation with experts. This experience and knowledge allows us to develop with you a solution to suit your company or organization. In the network with other clients and partners, we set up platforms for industries, from which all those involved benefit.



As a telecommunications provider, take advantage of the flexibility of our centers and local community.

Cloud & IT

The secure basis of cloud – use the secure and scalable space of NTT as a basis for your cloud solutions.


Highest security and availability for sensitive data.


Security in every aspect – the NTT range for large companies.