Design, build and operate

As a supplier of integrated security services, e-shelter security GmbH monitors the operations and security of buildings as well as building facilities. We have many years of experience in hazard and risk analysis of high-security properties, the creation of security concepts and introduction of security processes.

Tailored to your individual requirements, we will develop a future-safe and efficient security concept for your company, which represents the entire operational security process with all its organizational, technical and structural aspects. We will then plan in detail all technical security systems and put these into operation. During these plans, we will provide you with advice that is neutral in terms of manufacturers and independent of third parties. 

Monitoring and safeguarding

We monitor and control the security equipment of our clients around the clock - on-site and remotely. Our emergency and service control center (NSL, VdS-approved class C) monitors intrusions in the entire federal territory around the clock (24/7/365). In addition, the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main has a redundancy in Berlin. In the NSL, all security issues, alarm messages and error reports converge and are registered by qualified security personnel. By integrating modern video and transmission technology, complex and critical building management systems can be monitored, access checks and systems can be remote controlled and the necessary intervention measures can be introduced. In the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main, our own employees carry out these tasks. In the rest of the federal territory, qualified partners undertake these roles.

VdS Zertifikate

e-shelter security GmbH ist Mitglied im BDSW