Supporting startup disruption

Across multiple industries, technology is disrupting the way people do business and even live their lives. Today’s startups have a strong focus on finding efficiencies that can save both time and money. And while the barriers to entry may be lower than they once were from a technological standpoint, costs can still be prohibitive due to a startup’s operational requirements to provide its services – whether that is constantly processing large amounts of data for customer personalization or storing blocks of information across multiple networks. But many startups recognize that operational costs can be controlled by selecting the right partners and solutions to help drive their innovative services into mainstream acceptance and adoption.

e-shelter is a partner to the startup community by not only delivering the infrastructure to operate one’s business, but also, by providing the ecosystem to optimize operations through a network of data center customers and technology partners. e-shelter also has the advantages of leveraging its Innovation Lab, where customers have the opportunity to set up their own use cases, test hardware from leading IT manufacturers, and connect to the cloud. The benefits of e-shelter’s innovation lab allow organizations to concentrate on their core products while making administration and cloud deployment simpler, faster, and immediately effective, while avoiding costly delays and miscalculations. 

The e-shelter innovation lab is a full-service support system for startups with nearly 60 partners, available to assist you on multiple fronts – hardware, software, cloud applications, consulting, and more. As Innovation Lab customers build and test their complex IT applications and Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions, they are amazed at the depth of partner support and range of services to collaborate on business optimization and solution development. e-shelter is “Home to the cloud” and a core partner to those organizations disrupting the status quo.

e-shelter continues its commitment to help the startup community through additional channels. We are a proud sponsor of the German Startups Association, which aims to promote a collaborative environment and culture among founders, legislators, startups, and investors within Germany. In addition, e-shelter is working with its parent company, NTT Communications (NTT Com), to directly support the German startup ecosystem by providing operational IT infrastructure at a discount with respect to colocation services, internet access, and cloud connectivity.  e-shelter can take care of the backend operations while your startup concentrates on changing the world.

e-shelter innovation lab benefits

  • Nearly 60 partners provide complete testing environments within the innovation lab
  • Customers can conduct agile, cost effective tests that they can validate quickly for deployment
  • Customers have direct access to top cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms
  • Startup customers are eligible for discounts on colocation space, server racks, and internet connectivity through the e-shelter innovation lab channel

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e-shelter innovation lab Startup package

IaaS private cloud proof-of-concept environment for three months:

  • Storage capacity: 1 TB
  • Virtual CPU’s: up to 25
  • Memory capacity: up to 50 GB
  • Virtual IPv4 addresses: 2
  • Virtual IPv6 addresses: unlimited

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