Tour the Lab

The Technology Experience Lab leverages state-of-the-art technology in order to create an optimal environment for testing and validating new solutions. The partner ecosystem contributes to this infrastructure and each partner knows which product or solution to tap into in order to create a Proof of Concept that delivers information, knowledge and actionable results to the customer.

From hardware to software to interconnections, take a quick tour below to explore the infrastructure and features that makes the Technology Experience Lab turn ideas into reality.

Co-Innovation - Robotics development project

The Technology Experience Lab offers the option to install technologies within co-innovation projects. Currently 14 partners work together in the co-innovation project: Robotics.

IoT wall - Sensors and Endpoints to demonstrate IoT Use Cases

The growth of data is powered by endpoints producing data and information. The IoT wall provides the option to install sensors and endpoints in order to demonstrate end-to-end IoT solutions.

Collaboration Area - Microsoft Surface powered collaboration

The Technology Experience Lab is accessible via VPN from anywhere to demonstrate the solutions and run Proof-of-Concepts. The Collaboration area provides the environment to discuss and explore new concepts and technologies. 

Technology Area - Productive Data Center environment

Try Before you Buy –

Global facilities bring together major technology companies which enable other community members to test and validate, but also, innovate with disruptive technologies.

Glass floor - Behind the scenes

The Technology Experience Lab is a 100% productive data center that can showcase all aspects from security and power to connectivity.