• Adding electronic lock to existing data center infrastructure


Data centers are nowadays highly secured areas. Access control on rack level is getting vital. Flexibility in access methods on top of a proven solution would be desirable. Equipping server racks with TANlock3 is the solution. Exchangeable HW brick modules bring up the possibility to choose from a variety of authentication methods: Palm Vein Sensor, fingerprint sensor, RFID, touch display and others. TANlock basis allows authentication and monitoring access – configured as needed in your environment. Authentication via LDAP / MS Active Directory, fixed keys or homebrew solutions via WebAPI. Monitoring via SNMP or syslog. Even controlling TANlock via SNMP or WebAPI in your own way is possible.

Customer values/problems solved:

  • Futureproof TANlock 3 with exchangeable HW brick moduls: Palm Vein Sensor, RFID, PIN, fingerprint sensor, touch display
  • Highly integratable in existing IT infrastructures via SNMP, LDAP, MS Active Directory and syslog
  • Highly customizable to your needs via WebAPI and RESTful API
  • Authentication and monitoring of access of network racks
  • Full flexibility in IT integration from simple fixed key authentication up to MS Active Directory integration


  • Exchangeable HW brick modules
  • Compatible to many server racks
  • Power supplied via POE
  • Authentication via LDAP, MS Active Directory
  • Monitoring via SNMP, syslog
  • Controlled via SNMP, WebAPI, RESTful API