• Telecom Luxembourg opens POP at three e-shelter data centers

Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator, the first private, global internet service provider of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, is establishing a point-of-presence at three e-shelter sites.

At the data centers of Frankfurt Campus, Vienna and Zürich, Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator will provide points-of-presence for online services, thus consequently expanding its presence on the German-speaking market. “Relevant for our decision was the excellent geographic presence and the TIER III + data centers in DACH region and the outperforming quality of the data centers;" says Vincent Nicolay, CEO of Telecom Luxembourg, commenting about the decision.

"Our carriers rely on tried-and-tested and futureproof data center infrastructure,” says Melanie Rittweger, Chief Marketing Officer of e-shelter, about the new service. “With our connection between customer, cloud provider and carrier, an eco-system is developed, offering the highest degree of connectivity to all parties concerned within the shortest space of time,” continues Melanie Rittweger.

The individual e-shelter data centers all have at least two Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms, guaranteeing redundancy at all times. Thanks to structured precabling, e-shelter customers and carriers can connect with each other within 24 hours. A redundant cabling to the e-shelter Campus and other e-shelter and alternative data centers will ensure even more security. Through the partners of IX Reach and DE-CIX, there is direct connection to the international internet exchanges in London, Amsterdam and New York, which in turn connect with more than 20 other exchanges and provide access to all leading cloud providers.

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