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Gyron.net  becomes part of Global Data Centers

Gyron has further transitioned into the Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd. with an integration alongside the former e-shelter brand in Europe. As we continue to migrate towards a global, unified entity along with the Americas, APAC and India regions, you can still access our data center specific information for the London region below.

For current clients, the Gyron Client Portal is still accessible and for any questions, please contact us at: 0844 826 3999

Thank you for your business and years of support as we continue on as one of the largest data center operators in the world.

Learn more about our London hub of data centers in Hemel Hempstead and Slough.

Data center location details

Hemel Hempstead 1

Hemel Hempstead 2

Hemel Hempstead 3

Slough 2

Slough 3

Client Portal

Gyron Client Portal